About the Doctor

Dra. Marta Fraga is Brazilian, married, and graduated in Medicine at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria in Rio Grande do Sul. Dra. Marta Fraga did her medical residency in General Surgery at the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul and medical residency in Plastic Surgery at the Clínica Fluminense de Cirurgia Plástica in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, where she was student of Dr. Ronaldo Pontes and Dr. Liacyr Ribeiro, both are famous plastic surgeons in Brazil and around the world.

At her profession, Dra. Marta Fraga uses world known and devoted techniques in every surgery she performs, in the face, abdomen, breasts or member, always looking for natural results, minimal scars and harmony of the body contour.

Dra. Marta Fraga is always present at Congresses in Brazil and around the world, always trying to be updated inside her specialty, to offer what’s modern and the safest procedures to all of her patients.

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